How do you feel you have grown in your

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How do you feel you have grown in your

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I feel like when I was a working student, I was a lot more focused on learning and playing a supporting role in projects. Now, as a full-time employee, it’s really come full circle.

For example, I have my own working student now, and teammates come to me for advice when they need assistance. I also am someone who has been on the team for a long time, so I’ve been able to watch NavVis change and grow, and I’ve become the one who shares my knowledge with new team members.

“Instead of only being along for the ride, I am in the driver’s seat of a lot of projects.”
Q: Take us through a typical workday for you.
In marketing, there's no such thing as a typical workday! But I still try to structure my day as much as possible.

I devote some of my time to operational tasks, like creating landing pages, writing emails, and reviewing work from our working students. Then, we often have meetings whatsapp database where we do some more strategic planning. I also try to find time each week to work on my bigger projects, do research, develop new ideas, and experiment.


In digital marketing, nothing stays the same. Every week there are new trends, new technologies, and new updates to stay on top of, so I really try to make it a priority to take time to learn about these new developments.

Q: Is there anyone you rely on to get things done?
Of course! I mentioned before that I rely on my managers and working student, but I know that I can rely on each member of the marketing team at the end of the day. We all play different roles and no matter what, I know I’ll always get their full support in everything we do.
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